EPIC FAIL – “Trayvon’s Amendment”

On this web site, we see extremists in their natural habitat. Number one, they think that some punk ass kid who attempted to kill a man deserves an amendment in his honor. Number two, they seem to have a desire to completely submit to the will of the government. They seem to think that the […]

Police Shoot 13 Year Old Boy

Let me start by saying that this really is a tragic story. It’s sad to see things like this happening. However, unlike many, I absolutely refuse to believe that the police are at fault here. Let’s look at the facts: 1) The parents of this kid we’re stupid enough to buy him very realistic looking […]

Am I willing to take a human life?

I was having a conversation with an individual (who asked to be anonymous) about carrying guns and guns in general. This person was one of those types that is kind of indifferent. They don’t carry or have guns, but they are OK with other people having guns. I tend to like these people more than […]

Open carry done right!

This is nice to see. A group from Michigan Open Carry is doing open carry right. If you look closely in the photo, they aren’t up in people’s faces trying to educate them. There is no police altercation going on. They’re just eating lunch with their families. They are representing what carrying is really about, […]

SOS John Kerry Signs Global Gun Control

You all probably know this, but I figure I should keep repeating it. John Kerry has signed the UN Small Arms treaty on behalf of this great land. Despite more than the majority of the public opposing these matters, things like this keep making it through. We need to dethrone this government that doesn’t care […]